North-Macedonia is a relatively new country in Europe, it got its final name North-Macedonia in 2019. It is a small country in the Balkans with 2 million inhabitants. It is a poor country, which makes it a very cheap country for us, the people are unusually friendly and helpful. Here you have horses in the street and the cars are from the 70-ties.

Over the flats


Vi are based in Krusevo, a very nice little mountain-village that is also the district-capitol, and a historically interesting town. Here we live in nice tempered-climate on 1200 meters, only 5 a minute drive from the launch. Thermals are generally nice and smooth flatland-thermals. The terrain has huge valleys with small ridges in between, almost no electricity-cables and it is rarely strong winds. The weather-statistics for this area is also very good, from June till September we normally have 5 XC-days in a week.

Main take-off at Krusevo

 We arrived in North-Macedonia first time 7 years ago, and we fell in love with this amazing flying-site immediately. Since then Termikk&Rotor have run more than 20 organized tours, check out to find something for this season. In all these years we have not registered any serious accidents on these tours, this tells something about the safety in the flying in this area. On our team of guides we have very competent instructors that will teach you new stuff for any level of pilot, this is a very good place to learn more for both novice-pilots to advanced XC-pilots. For not so advanced pilots, we fly with you in the thermals locally or guide from the ground, for XC-flying we make tasks and try to fly together in groups with our guides.

We hope to see you in North-Macedonia, or to meet you on one of our other tour-destination. Have a great-flying season.

Best wishes from
Tonny & Ronny